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Servicing and Repairs

How we can help you

Garage Door & Gate Automation Servicing Information

Yes, we do it all. From scheduled servicing to emergency call outs, we can service anywhere in the South West and we carry a large range of parts so you don’t have to wait!

Here are some of the repairs we can do for you:

☑ Spare parts for all brands and types of garage doors
☑ Replacement of parts
☑ Replacement and repair of garage door openers
☑ Sectional, Roller & Tilt door repairs
☑ Broken springs
☑ Broken cables
☑ Replacing hinges
☑ New remote controls
☑ Insurance claims for damages

We recommend having your garage door serviced by a Door Smart WA service technician every 12 months to ensure a healthy, functioning and longer lasting garage door.

Maintaining Your Garage Door:

Here’s a list of things you can do to maintain the lifespan of your Door Smart WA garage door:

☑ Tracks maintenance: Use a clean cloth and some WD40 (or similar product) to clean the internal sections of the track. Make sure to remove any dirt
or moisture. DO NOT use grease or oil on the tracks.
☑ Steel hinge maintenance: Making sure to use sparingly, use a white lithium grease spray to lubricate the steel hinges. You can also use white lithium
grease spray to lubricate the wheel to axle bearings.
☑ Spring maintenance: A small amount of white lithium grease spray should be used to spray along the length of the springs.

The following should be checked on a regular basis, however, repair or service to these parts should only be done by a qualified Door Smart WA garage door technician:

☑ Cable maintenance: Inspect every 3-6 months for signs of wear and tear. Any evidence of fraying or corrosion should be attended to immediately.
The cables are under extreme tension and should only be adjusted by a qualified Door Smart garage door technician.
☑ Spring tension maintenance: It is normal for springs to lose their tension therefore we recommend that you regularly open and close your door to
test the spring tension. If you have an automatic opener fitted to your garage door you will need to disengage it first. Now open and close your

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